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Programmable Battery Charger IP Cores For SoC Applications

Since its inception in 2008, Chipus has been developing a series of analog power management IP cores, including linear regulators, power-on resets, ultra low power references (voltage and current), and power management units, using various architectures, and employed by customers worldwide in various application areas.
Chipus is now building

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IP-Maker to release new NVMe host IP

: IP-Maker is extending its storage IP portfolio with the release of its NVMe host controller for embedded applications. The team has implemented the features of the host NVMe driver as a full hardware IP, providing low latency, low gate count and low power consumption. It can be integrated in

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White Paper: Enabling Server-Class Storage in Embedded Applications

More performance with limited resources: local data storage in embedded applications can be a real design challenge. That comes from the huge amount of fast data coming from various types of sensors, such as high resolution camera, testbench recorder for industrial analytics, or data acquisition in a physics experiment.

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Inside Secure releases latest True Random Number Generator

Aix-en-Provence, April 25, 2017 – Inside Secure (Euronext: INSD), at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, today announces the release of its newest version of TRNG-IP-76, the company’s leading true random number generator (TRNG). TRNG-IP-76 is 50 times more efficient than what’s on the market today,

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asicNorth enhances IoT Design EcoSystem with IoT Endpoint ASIC Platform

Williston, VT April 24, 2017:  Building on the momentum of their IoT Design EcoSystem, asicNorth announced today the debut of an IoT Endpoint ASIC Platform to further accelerate the deployment of custom IoT endpoint devices for their customers.  The IoT Endpoint ASIC Platform is structured to be highly configurable enabling

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5 Reasons Why In-Chip Monitoring is Here to Stay

When the first car rolled off his production line in 1913, Henry Ford would have already envisioned just how prolific the automobile would become. However, would he have foreseen the extent to which monitors and sensors would become critical to the modern internal combustion engine?

The requirement

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