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What is a Burn-in Board?

Burn in Board is a printed circuit board which functions as a jig in the Burn-in process. The Burn-in Board is used as part of the ASIC reliability testing process during which components are stressed to detect failures. Burn in Boards consist of sockets to accommodate the tested ASICs and

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Introduction to HTOL

HTOL (High Temperature Operating Life) is a stress test defined by JEDEC to define the reliability of IC products, and is an essential part of chip qualification tests. This post provides a high-level overview of HTOL. Obviously, you should refer to the standard if you plan to perform HTOL testing.
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Moisture Sensitivity Level and Popcorn Effect

MSL stands for Moisture Sensitivity Level. It represent the amount of time an IC can be exposed to ambient conditions and still be assembled on a PCB without being damaged.

When the antistatic bag is opened and the ICs are exposed to ambient conditions, the moisture in the air

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What has IKEA to do with Chip Qualifications based on JEDEC Standards?

Walking through IKEA’s never-ending corridors you must have been seeing IKEA’s quality tests performed right in front of you. Sometimes it’s a chair being pushed by a powerful robotic arm or a drawer being opened and closed in an infinite loop with a 5.5kg sand bag inside.
Why is

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