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Canada and USA

XtremeEDA, founded in 2002, is a North-American based provider of design and verification services for the semiconductor industry.


Digital Design Verification (DV), Digital Microarchitecture, Design, & Implementation, Analog Modeling & Mixed Signal (AMS) Verification

IP Cores

Security & Encryption, Standard Interconnect and Communication Protocols

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Dover Microsystems

Dover Microsystems offers flagship CoreGuard processor IP: hardware-based security for RISC processors that protects against all network-based attacks.

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Eta Compute


Eta Compute is revolutionizing low power consumption for IoT by improving power efficiency by 10X without compromising functionality or performance.

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Ultra low power and highly configurable microphone, audio, sensor, and IoT IP (AFE, ADC, DSP)

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Pacific Microchip


Pacific Microchip Corp. is a privately held IC design company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California USA.

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I-Tera is an Argentina based ASIC design house founded in 2017. Provides telecommunications IP for the optical coherent market.

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