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Semiconductor Technology Nodes – History, Trends and Forecast

June 07, 2013, anysilicon


Semiconductor foundries claim they release a new technology node every two years. They may be off by a year or two, but on the whole, this is quite impressive, no doubt. Come to think of it, I don’t believe many of us even change our mobile phone every two years. How

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Is TSMC going to smash IC Packaging Houses?

May 08, 2013, anysilicon


Two years ago TSMC announced its plans to expand into IC  packaging services.  It is unclear how much these plans succeeded up till now, but it definitely seems that TSMC is now in an excellent position to take a big bite into the advanced IC packaging market, enter into direct competition

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Die Per Wafer Formula and (free) Calculator

April 09, 2013, anysilicon


Calculating the number of Dies Per Wafer (DPW) is a very simple and straight forward task. It’s actually based on basic high school mathematics which are related to circle area formula, remember Pi?
Silicon dies which are placed on a wafer can also be described as many squares placed inside

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Understanding Process Corner (Corner Lots)

March 11, 2013, anysilicon

corne lot wafer

Process Lots (or corner lots) are special-modified-wafers that help verifying chip design robustness to accommodate process variations that statistically occur in wafer production over the years.
One of the products that semiconductor foundries offer is process lots (also called: corner lots, split lots or skewed lots). Corner lots wafers are

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Who is Bigger and Stronger than TSMC?

March 04, 2013, anysilicon


I have the utmost respect for TSMC. For their advanced technology; for the quality of their products; for their ecosystem; and for their contribution to the industry. In fact, TSMC has become so big – that it will take a while until the second ranked foundry can catch up.

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Six ways to improve chip yield rate- before the project starts

February 11, 2013, anysilicon

Early on in Chip projects, yield is not taken very seriously. The common thinking goes –  anyhow there isn’t much to do as this early point of time. However, there are actually several things you can do even before the Chip design starts, which will translate to clear savings.


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