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Moore’s Law Will Not Come To An End Anytime Soon

December 16, 2014, anysilicon


Gordon Moore said‚ on the 40th anniversary of his law that “Moore’s law is really about economics.” What did he really mean by that? In 1965 when Gordon Moore put forth Moore’s law based on his observation, those years were Golden years of Free Market Capitalism in America. The entire decade

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The Macroeconimics of 450mm Wafers

November 16, 2014, anysilicon

stacked wafers

SEMICON West 2014 in San Francisco was a great place to meet bloggers in the semiconductor industry to get updated on the status of 450mm diameter silicon wafers. On one side, there is a good news about the unprecedented level of collaboration taking place between the design and construction professionals

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Foundry Ranking by Capacity 2013-2014

January 21, 2014, anysilicon


Each year, top foundries are ranked by their sales, and you probably don’t need the table below to know who’s first.
But what if we look at the top foundries from the capacity angle? Each of the top foundries holds several production lines that address different technology nodes and wafer

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MLM wafer and mask costs – free calculator

November 05, 2013, anysilicon

mlm wafer calculator

Maskset cost is becoming one of the major expenses to the overall NRE cost of ASIC projects, particularly with advanced technology nodes. For projects targeting low volume production the maskset cost is a financial barrier to a profitable and solid business.
Taping out using MLM instead of a full maskset

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Semiconductor Technology Nodes – History, Trends and Forecast

June 07, 2013, anysilicon


Semiconductor foundries claim they release a new technology node every two years. They may be off by a year or two, but on the whole, this is quite impressive, no doubt. Come to think of it, I don’t believe many of us even change our mobile phone every two years. How

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Is TSMC going to smash IC Packaging Houses?

May 08, 2013, anysilicon


Two years ago TSMC announced its plans to expand into IC  packaging services.  It is unclear how much these plans succeeded up till now, but it definitely seems that TSMC is now in an excellent position to take a big bite into the advanced IC packaging market, enter into direct competition

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