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Top 10 Semiconductor Companies Leaders Growth and Winners

December 18, 2012, anysilicon


This post describes the growth of top 10 semiconductors companies in the last 10 years. It tracks the growth of the 10 semiconductor leaders from 2002 to 2011 and shares some nontraditional thoughts about the ten semiconductors vendors’ success:
Thought #1: Follow the market trends
Since the 80’s companies from USA,

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Who is Intel’s biggest Threat?

November 26, 2012, anysilicon


Paul Otellini has made the best decision for himself and for Intel. He is leaving the company.
There are only a few who don’t admire Intel. Intel has introduced ground breaking technologies decade after decade and has been demonstrating top financial results year after year. Is it beneficial for Intel

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Does size matter? Understanding Wafer Size

October 23, 2012, anysilicon


Silicon wafers are the most essential element in the realization of ICs. The semiconductor industry had invested heavily to increase the wafer size during the last 30 years, so while foundries used to produce 1 inch wafers, today’s common wafer size is 300mm (11.8 times larger than 1 inch). There

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How to Obtain ASIC Turnkey Services from TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDRIES?

September 17, 2012, anysilicon


Pure-play foundries are offering vanilla flavor services, meaning one can buy only wafers. ASIC design, testing, packaging and supply chain services are not part of their service offering.
Large IDM players, who manage their own supply chain, seek this type of engagement because they prefer to own the supply chain

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Understanding Maskset Type – MPW, MLM, MLR and Single-Maskset

September 04, 2012, anysilicon


Tapeout is a major milestone in every ASIC project lifecycle. It means the design phase is completed and you are ready to send out the GDSII to the fab for production.
The term “tapeout” was coined in 70’s. Historically, engineered used a magnetic tape to store all the ASIC design

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Semiconductor Foundries Growth 2002-2012

August 23, 2012, anysilicon


Update (August 2012): Our internal analysis shows GLOBALFOUNDRIES to become the second largest foundry worldwide and managed to break the 4B$ barrier. See below updated charts.
Foundry business is doing well, the semiconductor market is growing and there is a continues need for silicon component supply.
While we are aware of

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