AnalogX Announces World’s Lowest Power SERDES IP in 7nm and 6nm and Expansion Plan

AnalogX, the leading provider of multi-standard connectivity SerDes IP solutions, today announces the availability of its silicon-proven 7nm & 6nm SERDES. AnalogX is the market leader in low-power SERDES IP, serving the chiplet and chip-interconnect market with 16nm, 12nm, and now 7 nm & 6 nm technology nodes. The company also announces a rapid increase in sales and design starts in 2020, further validating its focus on lower power and latency.


“Fortunately, we have been profitable since our 2018 inception, and 2020 was a great year for us in a difficult market, with an increase in both sales and design wins validating our business strategy. Our fiscal sales and technology execution in 2020 was nothing short of phenomenal,” said Robert Wang, CEO of AnalogX.  “We managed a real triple play by growing sales, major design wins, and development of new technology nodes with first-time success.”


We are very excited for 2021 and to see the SerDes interconnect die to die, chip to chip, as markets become increasingly driven by lower power and latency. With every subsequent generation of silicon, power consumption grows exponentially, outpacing bandwidth. The following recent article explains: https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/cisco-inphi-team-up-to-develop-co-packaged-optics/2021/01/.


To meet the significant increase in customer demand, AnalogX has expanded into a larger office in Toronto and has set up a dedicated sales office in Silicon Valley as it is accelerating its hiring plans. The key to our success has been an amazing development team with an undeterred focus on engineering excellence. AnalogX continues to look for great talent locally as well as abroad to expand its engineering capability.


Our success in 2020 positions AnalogX to be the worldwide leader in low power interconnect. AnalogX welcomes additional players and partners as we all move forward as technology leaders in innovation, for a sustainable and greener planet.



About AnalogX

AnalogX Inc.  develops ultra-low power connectivity IP solutions to connect chips and chiplets. With product available across multiple foundries and technology nodes, AnalogX’s mission is to enable high-end, mixed-signal IPs that drive revolutionary SoC designs for high-bandwidth applications that range from AI to Data Center Computing. AnalogX is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Visit http://www.analogx.io



Kash Johal
Vice President Sales

[email protected]

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