AnySilicon Hotline ™ offers free answers to semiconductor questions

December 01, 2015, anysilicon

[Press Release]  AnySilicon, the fastest-growing semiconductor marketplace has announced today the availability of a free semiconductor hotline service offering expert-level answers to technical and commercial ASIC questions. Using this free service companies can better meet schedule and budget objectives and avoid wrong decisions due to lack of information.


The hotline service builds on the expertise of multiple ASIC professionals that provide objective answers to technical inquiries and cost-related questions. Some examples include finding IP cores, identifying ASIC design partners, understanding tapeout and wafer costs, selecting the best fit technology, understanding package trade-offs and cost issues, conducting feasibly studies and more.


The new service expands AnySilicon’s platform, which includes a semiconductor marketplace, IP Potral, Semipedia (Semiconductor Wikipedia), forums and technical articles to help ASIC engineers and managers make smarter decisions.


The hotline service has already been used with over 100 inquiries, answered free of charge with a 24-hour average response time.


To try the new AnySilicon Hotline please click here.




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