Broadcom acquired 5G company MagnaCom

May 17, 2016, anysilicon

Semiconductor chipmaker Broadcom has acquired MagnaCom, which develops 5G wireless communications technology.


A MagnaCom patent and trademark, WAM technology can enhance virtually all wired and wireless applications, and most importantly – is backward compatible to all legacy QAM systems, while not requiring any changes to the antennae, radio or RF. The technology is a pure digital modulation scheme, which uses the exact same analog and RF circuits as QAM, requiring no analog or mixed-signal re-design. WAM technology is scalable, and may consume less than 1 square millimeter in modern semiconductor design for even the full 10dB benefit. Scalability means designers may implement a smaller, lower cost solution for a lesser benefit.


MagnaCom was founded in 2012 by Yossi Cohen, who serves as CEO. And Amir Elias, who serves as CTO of the company The company has a development center in Petah Tikva, Israel and an office in California. The company’s products have won various awards including at CES 2015. Since its inception the company raised investment estimated at millions of dollars – all by private investors, not by VCs.



WAM technology is a pure digital new modulation scheme, using spectral compression that improves spectral efficiency. The spectral compression enables an increase of the signaling rate thereby affording the use of lower order alphabet, which reduces complexity. It provides inherent diversity of time and frequency domains and uses nonlinear signal shaping. The nonlinearities are handled digitally at the receiver side, allowing a lower-cost and lower-power transmitter design.




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