CAST and Accelize Make GZIP Compression Instantly Available via Cloud-Based FPGA Accelerators

Semiconductor intellectual property provider CAST, Inc. has taken advantage of a new cloud-based FPGA accelerator marketplace developed by Accelize®to make industry-leading GZIP data compression available to users and developers whenever they need it.


The new AccelStoremakes critical functions like GZIP directly available to end users on a rental by time or data basis. The cloud-based IP functions run on optimized FPGA accelerator boards hosted in high-speed data centers including those of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVH. Accelize gives IP developers technical tools and support and manages the licensing and cloud hosting; its AccelStore then makes the online library of accelerated functions available with easy licensing and usage.


“Accelize has made the promise of hardware-agnostic cloud-based accelerators really work,” said Nikos Zervas, chief executive officer for CAST. “We still of course offer reusable GZIP IP cores to conventional system and product developers, but now AccelStore gives CAST a new revenue stream by making accelerated GZIP compression easy to deploy and affordable to use on cloud servers.”


“CAST has been a long time partner of Accelize and an early believer inthe value of bringing powerful FPGA based Accelerator Functions tocloud users,” said Stephane Monboisset, vice president of marketing and partnershipsfor Accelize. “Their GZIP compression IP and associatedAccelerator Function are of high quality,and our tight partnership enables us to tune these functions to the exact needs of cloud users to provide maximum value for most compression needs.”


About Accelize

FPGA hardware accelerators have been getting significant attention for the speed and processing power they offer for compute-intensive functions. Where Accelize has succeeded is in making FPGA acceleration practical and affordable for the scientists, statisticians, researchers, and other end users who need it most. They’ve done this by assembling an ecosystem that unites IP developers like CAST, FPGA accelerator silicon providers like Intel®and Xilinx®, and hosting companies like AWS and OVH, to deliver cloud-based accelerated functions. Enterprise versions of the AccelStore are also available so companies can provide FPGA acceleration to their employees.


Potential FPGA accelerator users should visit the AccelStore to see the available functions. IP and other developers interested in participating should visit www.accelize.com to learn more.



About the GZIP IP & CAST

The ZipAccel™-C GZIP/ZLIB/Deflate Data Compression IP Coreprovides extremely fast lossless data compression with relatively high compression ratios. Throughputs in excess of 100 Gbps are feasible even in low-cost FPGAs, and latency can be as small as a few tens of clock cycles.A similarly beneficial Decompression core is also available.


The GZIP cores are part of the broad line of digital IP cores and subsystems offered by CAST. Learn more about CAST’s line of processors, video and image processing, peripherals, interfaces, and security cores by visiting www.cast-inc.com, emailing [email protected], or calling +1 201.391.8300.

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