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SIDE-CHANNEL ATTACKS: How Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and Simple Power Analysis (SPA) Works

September 27, 2017, anysilicon

There are many techniques available for hackers to gain access to a system and obtain secret keys or other proprietary information– from invasive methods, such as microprobing, to non-invasive methods, such as cryptoanalysis. However, one of the easiest and most effective ways to extract the contents of a chip is

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Sondrel Expands into India

September 22, 2017, anysilicon

Sondrel, a UK headquartered IC Design Consultancy, today announced the establishment of an entity in India, having opened its first engineering design centre in Hyderabad. The company provide concept to silicon design services to an international client base.
The continued rapid growth of Sondrel has seen new design centres

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AFuzion and HDL Design House Joint Webinar: Optimizing DO-254: October 4, 2017, 4 pm CEST

September 19, 2017, anysilicon

Belgrade, Serbia – September 19th, 2017 – AFuzion, the safety-critical systems and certification company and HDL Design House, provider of digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC, will host a joint webinar on DO-254 best practices and verification optimization for avionics hardware

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Addressing Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS) Challenges in SoC Designs

September 13, 2017, anysilicon

Clock tree synthesis (CTS) plays an important role in building well-balanced clock tree, fixing timing violations and reducing the extra unnecessary pessimism in the design. The goal during building a clock tree is to reduce the skew, maintain symmetrical clock tree structure and to cover all the registers in the

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eASIC Engages Si-Edge to Provide Additional Advanced Design Center Support in China for eASIC’s Custom IC Platform

September 08, 2017, anysilicon

eASIC® Corporation (@easic), a fabless semiconductor company that delivers custom integrated circuit platform solutions (eASIC Platform), today announced that it has appointed Si-Edge Technology (Si-Edge) as an advanced design center located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.
The eASIC Platform has been deployed in a wide range of applications spanning wired

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The case for integrating FPGA fabrics with CPU architectures

September 07, 2017, anysilicon

As this happens, designers are debating how they can approach designs in such a way that they’re not relying on packing yet-more transistors onto a chip to achieve speed increases. One of the biggest innovations in this industry is going to come from a fundamental reapplication of a technology that

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