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ASIC Design Low Power Techniques – Reducing Switching

April 11, 2018, anysilicon

asic design flow

In one of the previous posts we discussed a cool technique to reduce leakage current. This time we will look at dynamic power consumption due to switching and some common techniques to reduce it.
Usually, with just a little bit of thinking, reduction of switching activity is quite possible. Let’s look

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CEO Talk: Stefano Perticaroli, RAME

April 06, 2018, anysilicon


This interview was help with Stefano Perticaroli, Ph.D. Eng., CEO at Radio Analog Micro Electronics srl.

Tell me a bit about your background? How did you first get started with Radio Analog Micro Electronics?
I completed my Ph.D in Electronics Engineering at DIET Sapienza Università di Roma

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Sankalp Semiconductor to Present & Exhibit at Design & Reuse IPSoC Santa Clara 2018

April 02, 2018, anysilicon


Sankalp Semiconductor, a design service company offering comprehensive digital & mixed signal SoC services and solutions, will be exhibiting at Design & Reuse IPSoC 2018 on 5th April in Santa Clara, California. Sankalp Semiconductor’s booth will be displaying expertise related to the digital, analog and mixed signal, custom layout, standard

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The Real Benefit of using an ASIC in Your Next Project

March 27, 2018, anysilicon

View of a Businessman in front of a wall with a Processor chip and network connection - 3d render

An Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) which is designed and customized for a particular use rather than being used for general-purpose applications. An example for ASIC is a chip that is designed to run a high-efficiency Bitcoin miner, or a chip designed specifically for BMW’s brake

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To Understand Analog ASICs, First Weed Out the Pretenders

March 23, 2018, anysilicon


A recent on-line Blog by John Dunn (analog guru and prolific blogger) titled “The Weed-eater Circuit” got me thinking. Basically, John shared a simple 2 transistor schematic (Figure 1 shown below) that he has used as a test when he needed a way to see just how competent someone was

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IC Design Flow – An Overview

March 17, 2018, anysilicon

asic design flow

Today, IC design flow is a very solid and mature process. The overall IC design flow and the various steps within the IC design flow have proven to be both practical and robust in multi-millions IC designs until now.
Each and every step of the IC design flow has a

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