DA-Integrated Announces New Location

OTTAWA, Canada, May, 2022 – DA-Integrated is adding additional test capacity and constructing a new facility in order to accommodate continued growth. The property at 27 Iber Road is in the heart of Canada’s microelectronics sector. The new location includes a 3,200 sq ft class 10,000 clean room with class 100 wafer test pods.


Gordon Harling, long time semiconductor executive and current CEO at CMC Microsystems said, “Over the last several decades, offshoring microelectronic semiconductor manufacture, assembly, and test was common practice. This raised a barrier for high-tech companies in Canada since manufacturing expertise is a critical component for semiconductor companies and for the overall economy. Sam Ho and Scott Bulbrook founded DA-Integrated to address a clear need for local semiconductor test expertise and infrastructure. Twenty years later, it is wonderful to see DA-Integrated flourishing, they are a valued partner.”


“Our growth is driven by multiple factors” added Scott Bulbrook, President of DA-Integrated. “Many of our long-term customers are enjoying success and our sales discipline

in targeting customers that bring us both development and manufacturing revenue has resulted in healthy organic growth. Renewed interest in onshore semiconductor capability has also brought us some new customers. Our approach has always been to match offshore pricing and provide superior service”.


“Yield and capital depreciation are the dominant cost factors in semiconductor manufacturing”, he continued.” Moving semiconductor manufacturing to low labour rate areas can even have a negative impact on cost and quality. Manufacturing test is tightly entwined with managing yield and therefore, overall manufacturing costs and product quality”.


About DA-Integrated


Founded in 2002, DA-Integrated is a leading global provider of Integrated Circuit Development, Product Introduction and Supply Management Services. We offer Comprehensive Production Test Solutions and manufacturing Test Services. Real world experience with 100+ Customers and 500+ Chips positions us to enable customer success in execution of IC Design, Product Introduction and Volume Supply.


For more information, please visit www.da-integrated.com

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