First time right a myth?

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    Phillip Naourgh

    My company has never designed ASICs, but now it looks like we have a real project that will be designed as a chip (IC). When we talk to vendor they brag about “100% first time right”.

    What is the meaning of this from a customer point of view?


    Hello Phillip

    No, it is not a myth if your design is using a mature process, a mature design library, all design parameters are well within spec and the design is made for manufacturing and test

    Yes, it is a myth if your design is using a new process, new library, stress all design parameters and forget that it shall be manufacturable and test able.

    If you want to test a design house ask for the number of designs done with the process, library and the design team. Get some references and talk to them about the pro & cons. If you justify the risk high, make a business model where the design team share the risk with you.


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