GLOBALFOUNDRIES Downsizing in Germany

October 06, 2015, anysilicon

GlobalFoundries is downsizing at its semiconductor plant in Germany by 20 percent, according to several newspapers in Germany.


GlobalFoundries has factories in Germany, Singapore and the USA. The “Fab 1” in Dresden is one of the largest private employer in the city. The plant is equipped with a clean room area of ​​52 000 square meters according to the company the largest and most modern in Europe. Fab 1 in Dresden itself will include AMD Kaveri- and Kabini models and the system on a chip for Microsoft’s Xbox One game console.


The main reason for this layoff is a non-competitive cost structure of the site in Germany. For silicon products requiring significant lower cost Fab1 is not able to provide a cost effective solution.


According to different sources between 700 and 800 jobs will be affected of the total of 3700 jobs.

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