Intel has 1,000 people working on chips for the iPhone

October 19, 2015, anysilicon

Interesting and surprising cooperation: Intel is developing the modem chip to be used in the next iPhone’s devices. To meet Apple’s tough and tight schedule IBM has allocated a staff of about 1,000 people. Intel’s foothold in what is expected to be the world’s best-selling smartphone has a dramatic importance in the competition versus Qualcomm.


According to VentureBeat reports of more than 1,000 employees of Intel are working hard in recent months on the development of modem 7360LTE chip to be ready in time for iPhone 7. According to Intel, the modem SoC Supports 4G LTE speeds up to 450Mbps.


Intel develops the modem chips in Germany by a team that has many years of experience in developing and delivering modem chip. The German design team was acquired by Intel a few year back from Infineon.


Will this attempt finally make Intel successful in the mobile market?


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