IP-Maker NVMe IP, Ready for Persistent Memories

July 07, 2017, anysilicon

IP-Maker, the leading storage IP startup, will exhibit at Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, on August 8 to 10. The next generation of non-volatile memories comes with an access time in the microsecond range. The NVM Express (NVMe) protocol has been introduced in order to minimize the protocol overhead. IP-Maker has implemented a NVMe management as a full hardware IP, able to process it in less than one micro-second. That makes an ideal solution for the use of persistent memories on the PCIe bus.


“We are proud to showcase our fast NVMe solution at Flash Memory Summit 2017. We demonstrate the benefits of a ultra-low latency NVMe-based storage drive in a database application.” said Mickael Guyard, Marketing Director at IP-Maker.” The performances are increased thanks to the sub-microsecond NVMe management latency, executed by the full hardware IP-Maker NVMe IP in the Xilinx Virtex7 FPGA.”


The IP-Maker NVMe IP can be integrated in an ASIC or FPGA. The use of persistent memories allows the design of a new generation of SSDs by integrating a direct data path from the PCIe interface, through the NVMe IP controller, and a NVM interface controller on the backend. That simplifies the architecture and reduces the latency. The NVM can be based on emerging memories such as ReRAM or MRAM, or by using NVDIMM-like technologies which is based on a combination of DRAM, NandFlash and supercapacitors.


About IP-Maker

IP-Maker is a leader in Intellectual Properties (IP) for high performance storage applications. IP-Maker’s NVM Express (NVMe) technology provides a unique hardware accelerated solution that leverages the PCIe SSD performances, including ultra-low latency and high throughput. IP-Maker is a contributor to the NVMe specification. The ASIC and FPGA IP portfolio includes NVMe, Universal NandFlash Controller and ECC IP cores. The combination of the IP-Maker technology and its associate services dramatically cuts time-to-market.



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