What Are The Top 3 Recommended Chip Package Types Today?

July 07, 2012, anysilicon

If you are debating which package type would fit best to your ASIC project, perhaps this article can help you narrow down the various options. In the semiconductor industry today there are three types of packages recommended for new designs:


Quad Flat No Leads. These are SMT packages, which consist of lead frame and wire bonding. The package consists of a paddle in the bottom to provide better grounding and heat transfer towards the PCB.

Some of the different assembly vendors are using different names for the same product.



Ball Grid Array. These are also SMT packages, which consist of a substrate (PCB) and can utilize either wirebond or bumping technologies. A BGA can provide more interconnect pins than a QFN and can dissipate more power.



Chip Scale Package. Sometimes called Wafer Level Package. These are solution targets a small size application (e.g. mobile phones) the physical size of the package is equal to or near the die size.


New Tech

For complex SOC, there are upcoming solutions which are called 3D packages.

We’ll elaborate more about these packages to help you better understand the technical and commercial benefits and drawback. Stay tuned.

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