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Selecting a Wedge Bonder – Tutorial

Palomar/Hughes started designing and manufacturing wedge bonders in the early 1980s for the aerospace and defense industries. Later, these machines were used for a wider array of applications beyond just military, including medical devices, RF/Wireless packages, automotive sensor systems, and optoelectronic systems and components. Ultrasonic wedge bonding was introduced in the early

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Are Power Planes Necessary for High Speed Signaling?

The performance of a system depends heavily on the communication speed between integrated circuits, which is constrained by the power delivery networks (PDNs). The disruption between the power and ground planes based on the low target impedance concept induces return path discontinuities during data transitions, which create displacement  current  sources

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TSV Integration is Creating Growth

“The long term growth of the equipment & materials business will be supported by the expansion of 3D TSV stack platforms” says Yole (Yole Développement) in its latest report, “Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & WLP Applications“. The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole proposes a deep analysis of the equipment &

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Flip Chip Market and Technology Trends

Yole Développement announces its Flip Chip Market and Technology Trends report. Yole Développement’s analysis updates the business status of the Flip-Chip market including data for TIM, underfills, substrates and Flip-Chip bonders. Discover fully updated 2010 – 2018 market forecast, detailed technology roadmap and bottom up approach, plus a strong focus

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TSV is a business…Looking for wider adoption!

3D Through Silicon Vias (TSV) is in MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors and high-end applications. When will it be used for mainstream consumer applications?… All results are part of the new report released by Yole Développement (Yole): 3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging – 2014 Business Update. This technology

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Challenges in Measuring Theta jc for High Thermal Performance Packages

This is a guest post by Jesse Galloway and Ted Okpe of Amkor Technology. Article reprinted from May 2014 Electronics Cooling magazine.

One of the more challenging thermal resistance measurements to make for electronic packages is the junction-to-case resistance called Theta jc. The equation for Theta jc, equation (1), is straightforward.

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