How to find the right ASIC service providers for your project

How many ASIC service providers are typically included in a shortlist when launching a project?

We’d argue that too few.


There are over 2000 ASIC service providers worldwide that provide a range of services – ASIC design, verification, validation, packaging, testing, or supply chain solutions, which combine multiple services. With the large vendors it’s a no brainer. Finding the contact number of GLOBALFOUNDRIES  or TSMC does not take much effort. But what about locating a smaller, specialized ASIC shop with unique expertise that match your needs?

For example, a company specializing in RFID ASIC design. Or a vendor with core competencies in high-voltage ASIC design (check out ICsense). By finding the ASIC provider that has the exact expertise for your project, you can definitely reduce risk. The thing is, it’s not always that easy to find that vendor.


In other instances, enlarging the pool of vendors in your shortlist will increase competition and lower your costs. For projects with ‘conventional digital ASICs’, more vendor candidates in the shortlist may mean a more economical final price.

Another issue is that for fabless companies with relatively small projects it is sometimes a challenge to get the attention of the larger ASIC service providers, who’s focus is primarily on larger projects. The more attractive quotes, in some cases, can arrive from the lesser-known shops.

Looking at this business engagement from the other side of the coin –  for a small ASIC service provider, it is typically difficult to pull together the marketing resources needed to establish name recognition and online presence. Show me a single ASIC service provider that would not be glad to enhance the pool of qualified leads.

Our ASIC vendor directory is designed to resolve some of these issues and bridge vendors and buyers. Instead of spending time on Google searches, the directory enables quickly finding vendors that match specific needs, using pre-built categories, and free-search keywords. For vendors we offer the opportunity to expand their market reach and expose their key capabilities.

You are welcome to try our recently launched ASIC vendor directory. To learn how to join, see the get listed page.


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