IP-Maker to launch new NVMe host IP Family

IP-Maker is introducing a new product line of NVMe Host IPs. In addition to the Easy NVMe Host IP, targeting embedded applications and launched in 2017, today IP-Maker announces the availability of two new products targeting data center applications: the Advanced NVMe Host IP, and the Multi Root NVMe Host IP. Such solutions provide high performance without requiring any CPU to control the NVMe protocol.


“We are proud to announce the release of this new IP family for data center applications. Our optimized RTL technology delivers high performance and low power for FPGA-based storage systems, the IP uses only few percent of an FPGA to sustain 3GB/s with a Gen3x4 NVMe SSD, where it would require 3 cores running full time on a high end CPU.” said Mickael Guyard, Marketing Director at IP-Maker. “We provide our customer with the possibility to design a new area of smart products based on FPGAs, like in-storage processing accelerator and NVMe driver offload.”


This new product family provides more NVMe features for data center applications. The main new features are the ability to manage up to 256 queues with the Advanced NVMe Host IP, and multi NVMe SSD with the Multi Root NVMe Host IP, where the limitation is the rootport number in the FPGA. On top of that, the two IPs support the NVMe vendor specific commands, which is an important feature in order to access the NVMe SSD with proprietary commands. Such IPs are easy to integrate thanks to its standard interfaces, and easy to use thanks to its smart management: the integrated auto-init engine initializes the PCIe root port & endpoint interfaces as well as the NVMe interfaces.


About IP-Maker

IP-Maker is a leader in Intellectual Properties (IP) for high performance storage applications. IP-Maker’s NVM Express (NVMe) technology provides a unique hardware accelerated solution that leverages the PCIe SSD performances, including ultra-low latency and high throughput. The ASIC and FPGA IP portfolio includes NVMe device, NVMe host, Universal NandFlash Controller and ECC IP cores. The combination of the IP-Maker technology and its associate services dramatically cuts time-to-market.


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