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Amkor Factory Intelligence Enables Industry 4.0

TEMPE, Ariz., February 23, 2021 ― Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMKR), a leader in advanced packaging technologies that support high-growth markets, including smartphones and 5G, advanced automotive systems, high-performance computing and consumer IoT, recently unveiled new measures that help the company achieve Industry 4.0 initiatives, extending its leadership in quality

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Webinar – High End Electronics meets Optics

AEMtec GmbH located in Berlin Germany provides a new 2021 Eight Session Webinar Series “Next Level of Technology – High End Electronics meets Optics”. Launch of webinar series in February. New industry trends, technology portfolio, implementation strategies as well as already successfully generated applications will be shown. The participant receives the

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Unit-Level Traceability for Automotive Customers

Automotive product traceability has existed in one form or another for several decades. Traceability generally refers to tracking and tracing each component that comprises every sub-system in a car. Traditionally, this has been achieved with direct part marking on mechanical or electronic components, using 1D or 2D barcodes or radio-frequency

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ficonTEC and PHIX partner to enable high-volume manufacturing of multi-chip photonic modules

PHIX B.V. of Enschede, The Netherlands, is a Dutch packaging foundry that assembles their customers’ photonic integrated circuits into complete modules. As these modules evolve from initial prototypes into mature products, the manufacturing volumes become much larger and a higher level of automation is required. This aspect of photonic device

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48V Ecosystem and Power IC Packaging Trends

With each passing year, emerging growth application areas such as Automotive, Cloud Computing, Industrial Automation and Telecom (5G) Infrastructure are garnering more attention. Although the application segments are different, there is commonality in how voltage conversion and power distribution are achieved at the system level. System demands are becoming more

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Understanding IC Package Thermal Characteristics


One of the most common factors that can have a lasting impact on any given semiconductor device is heat. Any logic circuit or electronic device requires a power supply to drive the function of its parts. While most of this power is used up for basic logic functions and signal

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