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Automotive Chip Shortages – An Assembly Perspective


Since March 2020, the pandemic has brought on scarcity in odd goods like toilet paper, baking flour and exercise equipment. The latest casualty is the auto industry as car production across the world has been hobbled by chip shortages. While much has been written about the role of semiconductor suppliers,

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Introduction to System in Package (SiP)

System in Package (SiP) is a method used for bundling multiple integrated circuits (ICs) and passive components into a single package, under which they all work together. This contrasts to a System on Chip (SoC), whereas the functions on those chips are integrated into the same die.


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Understanding Wafer Level Packaging

Wafer Level Packaging or WLP,  is a type of IC packaging technology that is performed at wafer level. This means that the packaging is applied on whole wafers and wafers are diced only after the packaging is successfully competed. In wafer level packaging, the components used in assembly (such as

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Wire Bonding for High-Reliability RF Device Applications

First introduced by Bell Labs in 1957, wire bonding is an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing method used in more than 40 billion microelectronic devices each year. Wire bonding is used extensively for interconnecting semiconductor chips to package leads and many other applications that allow RF devices to meet stringent size,

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Sondrel reduces lead times in SOC development via an early assignment of bumps in BGA packages

Because Sondrel offers a full turnkey service of ASIC production from design through to shipping silicon, it knows what is happening with services at every stage of the manufacturing and test process. It says that it has noticed increased lead times for SOC package design and manufacturing, particularly for flip

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CEO Talk: Sureshbabu K of Caliber Interconnect Solutions

It has been our pleasure to interview Sureshbabu K, MD of Caliber Interconnect Solutions. In this engaging conversation, he shares Caliber’s journey so far and what lies ahead for his company as it has emerged stronger in the post pandemic world and poised to grow significantly in the years to

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