Providing the lowest-risk path to creating custom SoCs for imaging, video analytics, data center, AI, automotive and industrial markets.

NetSpeed Systems and Sondrel, a UK headquartered supplier of complex IC solutions, today announced a collaboration to provide customers the fastest, lowest-risk path to creating custom SoCs for imaging, video analytics, data center, AI, automotive and industrial markets. NetSpeed will provide Sondrel preferred access to its product suite including Orion fabric IP, Gemini (cache coherent fabric IP), and Pegasus (Last Level cache). The relationship enables Sondrel to standardize its IC designs using NetSpeed’s interconnect fabric.


Complex SoC builds often involve potential roadblocks. With increasing scale and complexity, architecting and designing a cache coherent fabric becomes ever more challenging—involving a significant amount of total engineering effort and influencing the design choices from conception through to tape-out. Over-designing is another problem which has its own implications for die size, power consumption, and engineering time.


“Coherency can be a major barrier in projects with multiple third-party IPs and compute engines, all of which compete for resources, and thus can result in deadlocks,” said Kevin Steptoe, VP of engineering at Sondrel. “Standardizing on NetSpeed’s fabric IP provides us with a comprehensive tool kit for advanced SoC design projects, opening up more design choices that allow us to achieve the right trade-offs for power, performance and area.”


Sondrel’s high end application processor and analytics platforms, implemented in 16nm processes and below, use NetSpeed’s Gemini cache coherent interconnect solution and Pegasus last level cache solution.


“Sondrel is a one-of-a-kind concept-to-silicon service company and a great company to partner with,” said Anush Mohandass, VP of marketing and business development at NetSpeed. “Through this partnership, Sondrel’s team have become expert users of NetSpeed’s technology platform. Our joint engineering work with them has accelerated development of high-end SoCs in across key market segments.”


About Sondrel
For over 15 years Sondrel has been known for delivering quality highly complex IC designs to fabless and systems companies worldwide. Our designs have appeared in hundreds of leading-edge products including those of the market leaders in mobile phones, AR/VR systems, network switches, cameras, and many more. Operating from our design centres in the UK, France, Morocco, China and India, we deploy a highly skilled engineering team with state of the art software and hardware resources to bring a unique combination of skills to any project. Our clients engage with us from concept all the way to production silicon, or use individually tailored specialist services, such as verification, DFT and physical design. Visit our website for more information www.sondrel.com


About NetSpeed Systems 
NetSpeed is at the heart of next-gen system-on-chip (SoC) applications that are transforming the way we interact with each other and how we connect with the world. Whether you are a hardware architect looking for cache coherency solutions to realize your ideas into silicon or a SoC designer looking for a high performance and efficient interconnect or a safety manager looking for solutions to build resilient, fault-tolerant systems—NetSpeed has a solution for you. Learn about how NetSpeed is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to SoC design and architecture at www.netspeedsystems.com.



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