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We provide Solutions / Engineering Talent: To build Intellectual Properties (IPs) and System On Chips (SOC) involving both Digital & Analog design for Accelerator based SOCs, Consumer Electronics, IOTs, Automotive and Aerospace.


Digital Verification, Physical Design, DFT – Design for Testability, Analog, Mixed Signal, RF & Power Management, Tech Foundation IPs (Standard Cell, Memory & IO), Embedded Systems

IP Cores

Hardware Accelerator for Crypto currencies, Interface IPs: SERDES, DDR, GPIO, LVDS, PLLs– Phase Lock Loop, Data Converters: ADCs and DACs, Power Management IPs

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Microdul AG, Customised Swiss Microelectronics, Medical Modules, Ultra-Low-Power ASICs (nA, nW).

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eMemory Technology


eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s largest pure-play developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology.

IP Cores

NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoEE, NeoMTP, NeoPUF

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Brite Semiconductor


Brite Semiconductor is a world-leading ASIC design solution provider, targeting ULSI ASIC/SoC chip design on SMIC advanced 55nm/40nm/28nm/14nm process technology and turn-key solutions.


ASIC Design Service, Turnkey Service, “YOU” IP portfolio and silicon platform solution

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Eta Compute


Eta Compute is revolutionizing low power consumption for IoT by improving power efficiency by 10X without compromising functionality or performance.

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