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Revolution Semiconductor

The Netherlands

Revolution Semiconductor offers analog/RF and mixed-signal IC design services and IP in ultra-low power wireless transceivers, e.g. UHF RFID.

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LSI-TEC is a Brazilian Design House with experience designing analog, mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits (both ASIC and IP blocks).

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ASIC North


asicNorth provides comprehensive VLSI design services to the semiconductor industry offering a wide range of innovative and well-managed technical solutions.


ASIC Design, Analog / Mixed Signal ASIC Design, RF ASIC & IP Design, Turn-Key Design & Supply Chain Management, IP Development / Verification / Characterization

IP Cores

Pipeline ADC, SAR ADC, RFID Building Blocks, Voltage Regulator

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Ultra low power and highly configurable microphone, audio, sensor, and IoT IP (AFE, ADC, DSP)

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Alma Technologies


Alma Technologies is a semiconductor IP provider, developing high-quality FPGA and ASIC IP Cores since 2001.

IP Cores

UHT™ Image & Video Compression IP, Video Compression IP, Image Compression IP, Cryptographic Functions IP, Controllers IP

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