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UniPHY Ltd. is an Israeli-based Analog Mixed-Signal design house offering A to Z product supply, ASIC services, custom and standard hard-IPs and spec. to GDS services.

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SeviTech Systems


SeviTech Systems provides full-chip design services, VIP solutions & unique software toolkits for fast and efficient implementation of complex ASIC, SoC & FPGAs for its global customers. With most competitive rates in the market and quality of engineers onboard, SeviTech allows its customers’ to reduce their design cycle time, development cost and risk associated.

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ICsense offers mixed-signal IC design and ASIC supply services for the automotive/aerospace, industrial, consumer and medical markets. The company is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 certified with design HQ in Belgium and sales in Japan, U.S. and Germany.

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Alma Technologies


Alma Technologies is a semiconductor IP provider, developing high-quality FPGA and ASIC IP Cores since 2001.

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Vidatronic is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in advanced energy-efficient power management solutions and design services for embedded and stand-alone applications.

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