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ASE Group


We offer the best design manufacturing services for IC packaging, IC substrates, IC testing and systems.

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nSilition is a leading analog and mixed-signal semiconductor IP provider and full custom IC design house making your electronics smaller smarter and stronger.

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Amkor Technology


Amkor is one of the world's largest providers of advanced semiconductor assembly & test services.

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Aptasic offers turnkey solutions to efficiently handle the ASIC supply chain (from wafer supply to good packaged ICs delivery). The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified (SQS) since 2006.

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eSilicon provides a comprehensive suite of ASIC and SoC design, productization and manufacturing services.

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  • Selecting a Wedge Bonder – Tutorial

    Selecting a Wedge Bonder – Tutorial

    May 19, 2015

    Palomar/Hughes started designing and manufacturing wedge bonders in the early 1980s for the aerospace and defense industries. Later, these machines were used for a wider array of applications beyond just military, including medical devices, RF/Wireless packages, automotive sensor systems, and optoelectronic systems and components. Ultrasonic wedge bonding was introduced

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  • Debugging in System Verilog Constrained Random Verification

    Debugging in System Verilog Constrained Random Verification

    May 19, 2015

    70 % of ASIC design goes in verification and 70 % of verification goes in debugging.
    Planning for the debugging goes a long way. Feature by feature the way we architect the test bench pay some attention as to how will it be debugged. This strategy

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  • Demystifying Analog & Mixed-Signal ASICs

    Demystifying Analog & Mixed-Signal ASICs

    May 12, 2015

    Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASICs, typically conjure up the notion of massively complex logic chips containing tens or hundreds of thousands (even millions) of transistors configured to solve a customer’s unique set of problems. Unlike multi-function standard product ICs such as a micro-controller that can find

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