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SystematIC Design

The Netherlands

SystematIC is analog, mixed-signal ASIC & system design service company, with proven experience on Sensor Interfacing and Power conversion.


SystematIC- Custom ASIC Design, Turnkey (Supply chain Services), Sensor Interfacing, Integrated Power, High Voltage Expertise

IP Cores

Analog IP

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Aims Technology


We provide SoC design services from concept to silicon sign-off. We specialize in the area of system modeling, architecture/microarchitecture, design, verification, emulation, synthesis, timing analysis and DFT.

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BaySand is the leader in application configurable ASICs targeting short time-to-market and cost-effective ASIC solutions.

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Design –°enter KM211 is a contract IC developer and processor architecture developer in Russia. KM211 is TSMC VCA for Russia. While developing processors and IP, we dedicate most of our efforts on providing Design Services for companies across the world.

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Tekmos provides low cost ASICs, efficiently matching fab technology to your application. Digital, mixed signal, and high voltage ASICs.


Low Cost ASICs, FPGA Conversions, Unify Stacked Die SIPS, Mixed Signal ASICs, High Temperature Circuits, Mature Microcontrollers

IP Cores

80C51 Family, 68HC(7)05 Family, 68HC(7)11 Family, 80C186 Family, 68020 Family

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