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Arasan Chip Systems


Arasan Chip Systems provides total IP solutions for mobile storage and connectivity applications.

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Cortus licenses silicon efficient, low power, 32-bit processor IP for embedded SoC applications and SW development tools.

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eSilicon, a leading semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions provider, delivers custom ICs, custom IP, manufacturing solutions and online decision-making tools.


Taming the Complexity of ASIC Design, Sophisticated Packaging Expertise, Custom Memory IP and I/Os, The Right Partner for the Right Chip, Test Engineering, Optimize Yield, Product Cost and Performance Metrics

IP Cores

Custom Memory IP and I/Os, High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Solutions, TCAMs and BCAMs: Ternary and Binary Content-Addressable Memory Compilers, Register-File Memory Compilers, High-Speed Single-Port Cache Memories, Interface IP

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Packet Architects

Packet Architects develops Switching and Routing IPs for Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6 and other packet processing technologies.

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Digital Core Design


Digital Core Design is a leading IP Core and SoC design house, founded in 1999.

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