2 Easy Steps to Find Semiconductor Packaging

February 05, 2016, anysilicon

Semiconductor Packaging has become a critical factor to any semiconductor company success. Engineers have to select a semiconductor package effectively to both meet demanding price pressure but also system level performance requirements and size limitations.


Furthermore, with today’s price pressures – companies are spending more time in finding, selecting, and evaluating different semiconductor packaging. There are over 200 companies competing in the packaging and assembly market only in China, which gives customers a wide range of price possibilities, but on the other hand – identifying and contacting all those companies is becoming a time consuming task.


By acknowledging this fact and considering the amount of time that need to spend on finding semiconductor packaging, AnySilicon is offering 2 easy ways to find semiconductor packaging:


Option 1: Send your semiconductor packaging request to AnySilicon (estimated time: 2 min)


Step 1: Go to “Get 3 Quotes from” menu and select “IC Packaging”


ic packaging1


Step 2: Fill in the form with your semiconductor packaging requirements. AnySilicon staff will do the research for you (anonymously if you choose “hide my email”) and will get back to you with results within a short period.


ic packaging2



Option 2: Search AnySilicon semiconductor packaging directory (estimated time: 10 min)


Step 1: Use the search tool on AnySilicon site using specific keywords such as QFN.


ic packaging3


Step 2: The search tool will show you relevant results of different semiconductor packaging companies, this will allow you to browse the list and then go directly to each vendor’s profile page to learn more about semiconductor packaging capabilities.




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