eMemory Joins Arm Ecosystem for Secure IoT Chips

December 19, 2019, anysilicon

Hsinchu, Taiwan (December 19, 2019) – eMemory Technology, one of the world’s top-ten providers of semiconductor intellectual property (IP), is working with Arm to create new state-of-the-art secure solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) chips.


eMemory will provide its proprietary NeoFuse IP to be implemented into the Arm® CryptoIsland™-300P family of hard macros to enable persistent storage. The Arm CryptoIsland family of products enables trust creation at an early silicon manufacturing phase and maintains it across the full lifecycle of the Integrated Circuit (IC)/Device.


NeoFuse macros can be used in applications such as set-top boxes, digital TVs, CMOS imaging sensors, application processors, RF connectivity and more. As demand for IoT devices soars, the need for tight security against data hacks is growing in importance. Within CryptoIsland, eMemory’s NeoFuse technology is used to store code and chip-individual data such as IDs, production records, counters or encryption codes. The two partners today are providing key solutions in improved security at the hardware level.


The Arm CryptoIsland-300P product is a recent addition to the Arm IP portfolio, which protects against physical security attacks, including side-channel attacks (SCA) which are a rapidly emerging threat to silicon security. The security subsystem provides a high-level of isolation and security, suitable for stringent certifications and ease of reuse.


Following successful collaboration and technology validation in 40nm CMOS, CryptoIsland 300-P is targeting GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX technology.


eMemory is the world first tier eNVM IP provider and NeoFuse OTP is widely available in major foundries from FinFET processes  to mature 150nm platforms.


The Arm CryptoIsland-300P family can be paired with eMemory NeoFuse in order to enhance the security solution offered to the SoC vendors.


This combination improves time-to-market, IP availability, service quality, and communication efficiency – enabling customers to secure their chips and business.



About eMemory


eMemory (TPEX:3529) is a semiconductor IP provider specialized in embedded hard IP cores. As the world’s leading silicon IP provider, eMemory has delivered best-in-class IP designs to over 1,550 foundries, IDMs and fabless companies globally since its establishment in 2000. The company has received TSMC’s “Best IP Partner Award” since its inception in 2010.


As a global leader in the eNVM (embedded Non-volatile Memory) market, eMemory provides patented eNVM solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive process technology coverage. The company also pioneers in providing the security IP core based on silicon biometrics.


eMemory’s eNVM IP offerings include one-time programmable memories (NeoBit/NeoFuse) and multi-time programmable memories (NeoMTP/NeoFlash/NeoEE). NeoPUF is the company’s embedded root of trust technology for security application.


For more information about eMemory, please visit www.ememory.com.tw.



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