HDL Design House Introduces Expandable SoC IoT Platform

August 22, 2019, anysilicon

Belgrade, Serbia – August 22nd, 2019 – HDL Design House, provider of digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC and complex FPGA designs, today announced the launch of its easily expandable, reusable and flexible SoC IoT Platform using the Arm® Corstone foundation IP package. The solution provides the platform for IoT SoC, applicable for a wide range of IoT applications including industrial, agricultural, health care, smart home and other markets, allowing faster time-to-market.


HDL Design House SoC IoT Platform aims to address various challenges that companies in the industry face when developing IoT chips, such as complexity, risk, customization, time to market, development cost and know-how to develop the SoC from scratch. HDL DH SoC IoT Platform provides a reliable, pre-verified, modular design that serves as a starting development point for further building a customized IoT platform.


The primary motivation for HDL Design House was to develop a platform that incorporates the most common functionalities necessary for an IoT device which can be easily extended to meet customers needs.The platform gives customers higher confidence in product quality, as it is pre-designed and pre-verified, ensuring error free design. Using HDL Design House Platform as starting development point, the customer can significantly reduce verification effort, development cost and time. This solution is easily adaptable to specific customer’s requirements. HDL DH SoC IoT Platform promotes SoC design and verification methodology that is based on well proven concept and best techniques.


In this way, the customer can benefit from the ability to have a turnkey solution that includes services for full SoC implementation, customization of reusable and expandable SoC foundation and support. The SoC IoT Platform is technology independent and can be easily migrated to specific technologies. With high expandability, IPs and different interfaces can be added or removed according to specific requirements for any IoT SoC application. HDL DH SoC IoT Platform helps bridge the time gap, as it provides all the design and verification components that are the backbone of SoCs based on Arm Cortex®-M processors.


Optimized for today’s SoC designs, the SoC IoT Platform is supported with full documentation, including architectural and micro-architectural specifications, synthesis scripts, detailed test plans, verification environment in SystemVerilog/UVM and test cases (SV/C).


The SoC IoT Platform is available now.


For more information, please contact Milena Jovanovic, HDL Design House Marketing Manager:


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