TSMC to Invest $19B in a 5nm and 3nm Fab

January 29, 2018, anysilicon

CPUs are the heart of all the mobile devices we use today, and their performance is paramount to product design and user experience. More efficient processors can lead to more powerful products while maintaining low power consumption. One of the world’s largest chip manufacturers (and consequently processors), TSMC, which manufactures the iPhones processors in recent years, has announced the plan of a new fab in Taiwan to manufacture future chips. TSMC announced that it will manufacture 5nm wafer technology in 2020, and will produce 3nm wafers by 2022.
TSMC is not the first company to announce 5nm technology, since Samsung and IBM (GLOBALFOUNDRIES) already announced such chips during June last year, but the fact that TSMC already announces target dates for commercial production of advanced wafer indicates real progress in the process development.


TMSC plans to invest $17 billion in the company’s new fab.

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