Blog Strengthens its Position as IP Core Portal

December 04, 2017, anysilicon

[Press Release]  AnySilicon, the fastest-growing semiconductor marketplace has announced today that it has launched additional IP Core search capabilities to help support the increasing demand of IP cores inquiries on the platform.
With over 40,000 monthly page views, AnySilicon continues its growth by adding new IP core search capabilities to allow users to easily

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asicNorth helps StretchSense drive wearables to become “disappearables” in the new ZozoSuit by Start Today

December 03, 2017, anysilicon


asicNorth, the premier VLSI design services and turnkey mixed-signal ASIC provider is thrilled to announce it has been able to help StretchSense Ltd. bring their unique sensor technology to market driving wearables to become “disappearables”. Their client and investor Start Today Co. Ltd. recently announced the launch of the ZozoSuit,

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Dolphin Integration breakthrough for TSMC 180nm process: Up to 30% savings in silicon area

November 27, 2017, anysilicon


The BCD process technology has been around since the mid-eighties, but there has more recently been phenomenal interest and growth in BCD technology. This has been driven by the growing need in Power Management IC (PMICs), motor-control, power audio and many other applications targeting the consumer, industrial or automotive

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FlipChip Package Overview

November 26, 2017, anysilicon


If you were uncertain about the term “FlipChip” this tutorial will help you better understand what FlipChip packaging technology is all about.
FlipChip package technology has been around for 3-4 decades and started as a package solution for high pin count & high performance package requirements. At the

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Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Leaders 1993-2017

November 21, 2017, anysilicon

Market Research

For the first time since 1993, the semiconductor industry is expected to witness a new number 1 supplier. Samsung first charged into the top spot in 2Q17 and displaced Intel, which had held the number 1 ranking since 1993.  In 1Q16, Intel’s sales were 40% greater than Samsung’s, but in

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Siemens strengthens IC market commitment with acquisition of Solido Design Automation

November 21, 2017, anysilicon


Siemens has entered into an agreement to acquire Saskatoon, Canada-based Solido Design Automation Inc., a leading provider of variation-aware design and characterization software to semiconductor companies worldwide. Solido’s machine learning-based products are currently used in production at over 40 major companies, enabling them to design, verify, and manufacture more competitive

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