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Rockwood Wafer Reclaim


Rockwood offers wafer services such as: wafer surface processing, thinning, dicing, bonding, cleaning and handling substrates.

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Si-Ware Systems


Si-Ware Systems (SWS) does custom ASIC development and supply specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design.


Turnkey ASIC Provider, Analog/Mixed-Signal & RF Expertise, Sensors & MEMS, Design Methodology

IP Cores

RF/Wireless, High Voltage DC-DC Converters, Analog Frontends, System Level / Digital IP, Power Management, Data Converters

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Imec.IC-link is the semiconductor manufacturing division of imec. We help innovators, entrepreneurs and universities realize their ideas in silicon by providing low-cost prototyping, volume production and system integration of electronic assemblies.

More than 500 IC projects tape-out a year. Co-work with more than 300 companies and more than 700 universities.


ASIC, SOC design, Foundry services, Turn key (supply chain management), Package and testing , TSMC’s official VCA (Value Chain Aggregator) , MPW and mini ASIC Services

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Able Electronics


Analog, digital, SOC, ASIC wafer and IC testing, SOP/ESOP packaging, fingerprint strip testing, and wafer to COB/PCBA mass production.


Wafer Processing, Test Services, COB/COF/MCM, SMT & Module Assembly, IC Packaging

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SigIntegrity Solutions


SigIntegrity provides design services related to IC package co-design, ASIC co-design, System Signal integrity, Power integrity analysis & Electromagnetic modeling of silicon & package interconnects.


IC Package design, ASIC co-design, Signal Integrity & Power Integrity, Electromagnetic modeling

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